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oh darlin’ …
arise from your mossy bed leave your lichen dreams behind the deer have left clear trails for you to find lift the bough to the left, press the bough to the right today has something special for you
oh darlin’, there’s a man a-knocking on your door at midnight most days he’s a handsome stranger with lots of wisdom and he’s come to help you on your way
oh my darling, you have so much love ahead of you somedays you’ll feel like you can fly or like Hercules standing against the azure sky and other days you’ll feel like you don’t have the will to carry on, to carry out your dreams you’ll choke on truth and your body will get sick instead
but the wondrous thing is help is everywhere and it comes in the strangest of ways so poetic and poignant is the fare like in springtime when peeper frogs rise up from the mud they’re happy, they’re laughing they’re calling for love at the top of their lungs like you thought you never could and they did instead healing is in the air
life is a precious ring given to us by love to polish and shine with all we learn with all we earn like perhaps forgiving others and getting on with loving ourselves instead and shining will be the eyes of your friends holding your perfection when you can’t when you recant your soul and descend into darkness on your way to the miracle of spring
oh darlin’, the gift of your sensitivity is truly a gift though you’ll be told it is a weakness, a handicap in fact, you’ll be the sound of the ocean before we see it you’ll keep us safe and on track this also means, though you’ll be standing in the village square feeling nauseous and deaf you’ll just be picking up what’s left after all the hangings that took place there
oh my darlin, when things don’t make sense when things feel desperate and insane all beauty doomed remember the choice that’s always yours to make in the blink of an eye, the all-seeing eye you can choose to change coal into diamonds with compassion and love and greater understanding instead …
and as we learn to do such things with all our heart and soul and might with the intensity of single sight we’ll see things we’ve never seen before they say we will do this and much more we will have the healing hands to help the ones we love which will be every living thing
oh darlin, only touch the things that turn you on let whatever makes you dark and dull and drained be gone even if people criticize and say you’re wrong
this makes for a life that’s beautiful and bright a life that shines with your own light a life where you wake up everyday excited to be up and on your way
and that makes for a love of this world where separation has no place is replaced by the sound of bells and wings, and the upsweep to grace
oh darlin’, there’s a man a-knocking on your door at midnight these days


from Ulysses' Purse, released January 11, 2018
jane: vocals, piano rebecca jenkins: vocals ali hughes: vocals kevin fox: cello, acoustic guitar elijah abrams: bass rich moore: bass harmonics at end drew jurecka: violin rebekah wolkstein: violin brandon chui: viola amy laing: cello david travers-smith: trumpets, e-flat peck horns, metal percussion bells: st. pauls, london


all rights reserved


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