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baby baby, baby baby
you went home for Thanksgiving
braced for the darkness
of the disconnected life
braced for the attacks from the easy chair
and when it was time to leave
you went to say goodbye
a flash went up your spine
instead you said, no one, no one
nobody, nobody
no one ever taught you but you know
baby baby, baby baby
and as you went to leave
he half rose up from his easy chair
and tiny flames licked the walls
and up your mother’s calves
a storm was comin
and you better get out of there fast
you went to say goodbye
a flash went up your spine
instead you said I thank you
for the things you sacrificed
he tried to curse you
but instead he begged forgiveness
and you held him as he cried
you are the rage of a lion
in a cage at night
the roar of a mother
bringing her baby back to life
baby baby baby, baby baby baby
and when you reached the subway
you stumbled up the stairs
confused by a different kind of pain
you drifted toward the track
and no one had your back
but the angels pressed
through the frightened crowd
someone screamed, a baby cried
no one told you, no one told you
but somehow you’ve always known
may you never be so alone again
may the subway tracks rise up
and throw you back to friends
may you feel the angels
bend closer
when you call
may you see your own beauty
as you see in us all
but beyond all this, beyond all this
the nobleness of gristle
the magnificent of grist
there’s just one thing
you need recall
and it is this
you always have and always will be well


from ANGELS BEND CLOSER, released November 18, 2016
Jane: vocals, keyboards, organ, guitar
Larry Tuttle: electric bass
Curt Bisquera: drums
Carolyn Fazio: synths, virtual instruments


all rights reserved


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